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Things are easy when you're a child, now these pressures have dropped on my head

30th January, 2005. 6:23 pm. rode the ramp to the freeway....under the blood orange sky

hok, soo 2day i went skiing wit josh at mount snow which was awesome, cuz it was cheap and the conditions werent half bad. bad traffic on the way home though. soo now im home sitting here trying to remember the homework for the weekend. and trying to get memories of "micheal jackson secret childhood" on vh1 the hell out of my head. i couldnt sleep after i watched htat. hes like the modern boogie man. neho really not looking forward to school, cept for history class...(:, definatly not looking forward to a whole week of ms mckays extreme girth. nyho g2g eat dinner

asta lavista

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29th January, 2005. 10:41 pm. That's when I say... what the hey!

so 2day i pretty much just hung around all day, played guitar, tryed to remember what teh homework for the weekend was. then there was the soccor game at 4 which we lost cuz colleen and roxy showed up(face with o mouth and slanty eyebrows)haha but it was fun anywas. then i went to my annual weekly old people party, this time with aris parents and someother people, which was kinda of not really fun

asta lavista

Current mood: lazy.

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28th January, 2005. 11:27 pm. golden lady....id like to go back

haha, just got back from roxannes, and it was AWESOME, we just kinda hung out and watched life of brian and listened to music. it was me diego, roxy(course), colleen, and giZelle. fun stuff. yeah, so now me n roxy are going out offically <: so its all good here. asta lavista danny

Current mood: jubilant.

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26th January, 2005. 10:14 am.

Its a snow day! hehe fun fun, but first trying to find someone to hang out with, but no ones online, and i haaate calling people

you know wuts funny? if you read guys ljs, u can never figure out if its a grl or not....

nyway just found out i supposedly is invited to nellies hot tub party...even though i just met her yesterday.... soo il just role with it until i figure out wuts going on

plz leave a comment, im wondering if anyone reads these things

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24th January, 2005. 8:49 pm. NEW LJ

y hello there all you avid readers
hope you find something you enjoy within these cyber pages
as i began this i found myself confronted by the problem of what to write
so this is it

haha, that was fun
anyway ya i decided after much prodding to make a lj, so here it is. im danny coates finke, i used to have a mullet, and i like to fence and enjoy long walks around parking garages

see ya'll later

Current mood: artistic.

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